Among the 7 Different Types of Rests, Which One DO You Need?

Are you too confused between the concept of sleep and rest?

exhausted? how to fix it?
Feeling stressed? Try these 7 types of rest

Felt even more exhausted after your most awaited weekend sleep party?

Dear, We got to fog out the confusion between rest and sleep. So let's know the key areas of our life that urge for the right ways of rejuvenation.

#1. World's oldest form of rest - Physical Rest.

It's good to shut down everything and listen only to our body in the right amount of intervals to keep this device fit enough to respond to our needs and desires too. Do not shorten the time allotted for this rest by switching on any kind of screens we have like that (idiot box) TV, (new age idiot box) laptops or 'smart' phones. 

Unplugging yourself from everything at the moment (moments your body cries for a much-needed and long avoided break) & breathing deep, sensing the oxygen entering and then traveling in your body, is another quick sort of physical rest we can and we should give to ourselves as and when asked why our body at our all workplaces.

Also, we can squeeze out some time from our if not daily, then weekly routine for yoga sessions. From a simple bending-stretching to little try-able twists will 'phew' out that smelly gas from our body that is unnecessarily occupying spaces in our organs and making it lousy. 

Keeping yoga sessions twice a week is a wise idea to restore the body we need - ready for everyday adventure. Fewer yawns and brighter smiles will make you feel the needed change.

#2. Calming mantra - Mental Rest.

It is more than necessary to realize the need for endlessly and tiresomely working brains. We get to notice this when we realize that we have not scrolled down in the past 10 minutes while going through a complicatedly written PDF file. Or when we send a message to a BFF in a repeatedly drafted professional e-mail tone.

We start to get annoyed easily and speak harshly unknowingly with colleagues and refrain from talking much with family. Our thoughts turn so negative, that, forget others, and we start judging all the stuff that we are doing.

Catching up on a mental rest can be like pleasing your senses. This may start from detaching from all sources of stress like unwanted work, and people who are always in a mood to eat your mental peace. Then transport yourself to a calmer place like a garden, nearby waterfall, or lakeside or if none of these seems doable, then simply declutter your room and lay down calmly on your yoga mat with windows open and let the silence speak. 

A 20 to 30-minute walk in the Greens is a magic therapy to revive one's inner calmness. Thankfully, it is absolutely free. We often hear the term meditation - this is what it is.

#3. Turn down FaceTime and reconnect with yourself - Social Rest.

We do not have to ‘unpeople’, but limit people who get to be with us wantedly or unwantedly. Try and bring a balance between right and wrong ones. Know your people, make your tribe. They are those with whom we do not have to compete with, we do not have to explain to, we can open up without being scared about being judged.

#4.Creative Rest - Let your inner child dance.

Hook to an engrossing book, plan a party even at home or even brainstorming solutions at the workplace will let your soul dance for a while. Let those long waited quirky ideas have some fun. Replenish your inner soul and outer spaces, tapping your hands on the rhythm of funnier stuff.

#5. Unload yourself - Emotional Rest.

We have a lot, lot, lot to say, but to whom to say? So, find a willing listener to whom you can just be yourself. It helps to drain out all your clutter, which we have been carrying for a long time. Unloading all your feelings and emotions will help you create a brighter room in your inner space, which you need to let your intelligence have fun at times. So keep scheduling this unloading session with your listening partner as and when you need it. This will help you prevent your emotional overload in the future too and keep you light. Your listening partner can be from anywhere under the Sun, to choose from family is not a mandate.

#6. Define the purpose of life -  Spiritual Rest.

Feeling unanchored? Alone? When it feels like what to do every day. When you wake up, everything feels so mundane. Nothing seems to inspire or like or live anymore. That is when one needs spiritual rest. When life colours start to fade away. 

So when the basic need to stay alive is food, clothes, and shelter gets fulfilled, thereafter,  a need to feel alive, desires to get satisfied. These are senses of belongingness, the need for purpose in life, respect, and love. Do not hesitate to seek help from others. (Also beware to get in contact with the wrong person) 

Follow the spiritual belief system you may prefer following. The practices will help you calm down all the confusion webbing in your head. Flush out all the doubts and fears. It will press the refresh button for you and let you breathe purposefully ahead in life. It will help you find that spark. Gratitude practices and helping the needy, giving love and care are a few ideas to start with.

#7. Shut the screens up. Sensory rest.

Are you aware how terribly our screens hours are affecting our emotions feelings, in other terms are energy levels! It is really necessary to give our brains some content free time. Try driving home with stereo off. A walk in peace. Digital dieting. This will help you even save your relationship from breaking up.

Try these 7 types of rests up for some time and help yourself figure out what's your go-to idea of resting your mind, body, heart, and soul needs from time to time.

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