Can I stop falling into an argument with my partner? Yes!

We love each other but we always fight!

how to stop arguments with your partner?

Yes, couples often fight in a healthy relationship. Arguments with partner are pretty normal in any relationship. Here's how we can walk for solutions without disturbing the peace. 

10 ways to introspect to stop arguments with your partner:-

1. If you have any issues, try keeping your points with a certain amount of ease in your tone. Anger may mislead the communication with your partner. 

2. If you hold your partner responsible for all your sufferings or maybe most of them, then there are possibilities that their brain may take this as their failure. This act would rather add to the problems instead of solving them. 

3. Studies say that males are sort of apprehensive towards emotions, unlike women. Here, for women, it is very important to understand that having an expectation from your significant half that he is going to know what you are feeling all the time is futile. You may succeed sometimes but most of the time you will see yourself starving their attention. 

For men, it is a plus point, as every human being desires to have someone who is understanding and loving. Biologically, women are. So, whenever you guys feel low, talk to your lady. She knows how to unlock your sealed trauma inside your head and will put it loose. She will channel the energy in a way that you feel relaxed and get your finest composure back. This simple and ordinary-looking trick will play magically. 

4. Each one of us has a desire to be accepted as we are. Friction is a product of judgments. If you constantly reject or ignore what they say or like, they would start feeling avoided and overlooked. This will act as a termite to the relationship. 

5. Heated arguments and conversations in loud voices are a big no. It shows clear disrespect for your partner. It is highly advised to maintain the grace of the tone as it could make or break the scene. What would you do by winning a (stupid) argument resulting and losing your love? Anger is always a deal-breaker.

6. "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus." Unlike men, women like to speak out their boggled minds when they are anxious, whereas men seek a logical solution through their higher cognitive thinking capacity. When men are listening to the issues of their women, just listen and let her speak out everything she wants to share. Interruption for a quick solution may hamper her ease to open up fully. So, the need of the moment is to just give her all your ears.

7. Very important, do not answer in "ok", "hmm" etc while communicating with your partner. It gives an impression of disinterest. Your partner would want you to be interested in them for a meaningful conversation. So, try giving a few detailed answers, because everyone wants to know if their partner is really with them in that moment. 

8. There is nothing like finding the correct partner or Mr. perfect/ Ms. perfect. One has to turn into Mr & Ms perfect for each other in the journey, the journey that you both started. 

9. Please know that the need for love is maximum when you both feel extremely hated. Couples commonly mistake it. If they find their partner turning unloving, they find it very reason to quit. If both of you are broken down and find it suffocated, try giving a break instead of breaking it altogether. The interval will offer time for introspection and come back even stronger, sometimes literally as cupids!

10. Two children attached physically to each other by head or limbs etc after the mother delivers them, find it just impossible to do any damn thing together. Attaching emotionally may also cause such damn tragedy. That's why detachment is the solution. Surgery separates the joint kids and frees them to do things of their choice. So being together was not a happy state for them as they were bound to do same things unwantedly. So, if you are upset, do not mistake love as your partner to get upset together with you. Love is when one peaceful soul can transmit that positive energy to their unhappy partner.  


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