Desire To Be Desired

Want To Be Wanted

What is the meaning of irresistible desire? Titanic kiss

Everyone wants to feel wanted. It's a basic need to be desired by someone. It gives us a little heaven of refuge from the world around and makes the ride worthwhile.

It's incredibly well-observed for people to want to feel desired in their relationships. Is there anything wrong with wanting to be wanted? Certainly NOT.

It's interesting to know that the experience of feeling desired is not a familiar one for so many. From the moment we were born, we could feel the energy of those around us. We can feel if we are wanted or desired to those who are close to us. The way the parent's face lights up when the baby murmurs happily from its cradle. It reaches out its tiny hands, and they are held fondly.

For many, being desired is typically erotic. Sensing that someone is craving for you shows a special and almost addictive energy. We can not deny loving this delicious experience of being desired. You may struggle to desire someone until they show their desire for you.

Many of us grew up lacking the consciousness that we are loved. We are like ravenous ghosts looking for loveful solace anywhere we can. Digest the fact that we cannot completely fill this void from others with similar emptiness. We may borrow for a short time. If no one fills up our reservoir of love, there is never enough to go around.

Given that this is such a universal longing, is there anything we can do? One gift we can give is to be there to listen to those who need, without judgment. Often, I have heard the same thing, in different words:-

"I just want to be wanted!"

"I want someone to desire me."

"I want to simply feel what it is like to have my partner take pleasure in me."

"I want to be ravished!"

Yes, this stuff seems to have come from romance novels. We crave the experience of being desired. Many of us have not experienced being touched by our loved ones with desire before. They are yet to feel what it is to have someone touch their soul. It always amazes me how unsatisfying this can be. The incredible joy brightens their eyes as they realize that their loved one WANTS them!

Are you also unused to the feeling of being irresistibly desired? It is actually hard to believe when it shows up.

Just a small assurance that someone is enjoying our company sometimes opens up a myriad of desires and longings that have been repressed. It can be powerful healing for most of us who have been ignored, shunned, overlooked, or even abused.

"Love makes your soul crawl out of its hiding place" is a quote I relish. Allowing ourselves to feel desired, allowing another person to desire us is absolutely OK.

How would you feel if you get to know that you were desired by someone whom you loved? I know it feels like the most beautiful, loved version of yourself! It will bring out your radiance!

I would wish for you an experience of being desired. Desire yourself! Feel the divine's love for you, or ask a beloved partner or friend to show their desire for you in some way that feels exquisitely fit for you.

Let me know how that goes!


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