Warning Signs That You May Be Unhappy (And What To Do About It)

Is It Just An Off Day,

Or Are You Secretly Unhappy? Know how.

Warning Signs That You are sad

Do you complain, grumble, criticize? Of course you do! Everybody does this to some degree. Does this also serve as a warning sign? 

Mostly, we think that when the world will change for us, we will be happy – this mindset is actually unrealistic. Can you ever change the person in front of you? Can you mould people according to you? How long are you gonna run away from the circumstances in your lives? Absolutely no but there is one thing that we have control over, it is our own selves. We have the ability to change what we do, when we do it, how we respond and who we surround ourselves with.

If you find that you are complaining about something, think if you can change it or you can alter your response. So, next time you complain, be thankful for this warning sign. Identify why you are feeling upset about it and make a plan to change it. Follow your smile not your complaint.
Out of Control

Do you feel unclear about something and then gradually turn anxious because of it? Does uncertainty bother you too much? Do you also feel out of control oftentimes? What all things or circumstances give you negative emotions? Are you surrounded with people in your life who are bringing out the weaker side of you? If any of these is a Yes, then you need to gain clarity, focus, and alignment.


Do you let expectations catch hold of your happiness? Do you feel there’s a lot expected out of you? Are your actions controlled by “what will the people say?” syndrome? Do you feel like someone else and not you, making the decisions for your life?

Look out for who is setting the expectations in your life and ask yourself if these expectations are aligned with your end goal. It’s easy to confuse self made expectations with the societal norms others keep shouting to you.


Do you postpone or put things off because you get scared of what might happen? Scared of the unknown? Do your failures hold you back from attempting anything new? Do you dream for more but let your cozy zone keep you where you are?


Do you often feel uninterested, tired, bored, unfulfilled? At the end of the day, does a void or emptiness eat you inside? Dissatisfied at work, home, in your relationships, and/or with your body? Recognize the areas that need more care.

Following our spark ignites a light inside us and which feeds our soul with inspiration and motivation. Who are those that drain you? Who are the ones that inflate energy in you? Find your tribe who makes you feel like you just had a cup of coffee. Those are the right ones you got to surround yourself with.


Are you caged with restrictions and boundaries? What are your limiting beliefs? Limitations also include assumptions and predictions based off of mishaps or past failures. If you are allowing these limitations to hold you back from what you truly desire, you are playing very expensive with your life. Remember, you don’t have enough time, money, or resources to go waste!

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