Are Goosebumps Braille Upon Our Skin?

That's how you activate my soul chords...

what do goosebumps feel like

In our culture, where an extrovert also finds it hard to convey their message, we as ambiverts struggle to find correct words. So I chose an inner journey where oftentimes, my feeling resting deep down my soul communicate in this stimulating language. Yes, some souls are so wrecked and broken that they can only communicate with art.

I run to music, to poetry, to stories, to the moon, to writing because I desperately do not want to stay alone. Not that I am going crazy, although someone out there does know how exactly my heart is looking right now. I want that someone to explain the poem my soul is continuously writing.  

I miss having that someone now who used to ask me, "How was your day?" With whom I broke the rules, tasted realities, and kept pushing the limits we create in our mind that keep us playing it small. 

I want to undo everything (good or bad) and unravel again, a restart from the frail edges of my heart and repair it to beat the life again. 

Would you like to tap your feet around the world with me? Come, lay with me below the stars for hours and let the moon shine on healing pieces of our hearts. 

The right person feels different to our nerves. Quest for life is rarely answered. By the way, it isn't that bad to keep less settled, but definitely a bit insane. 


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