Are You Bored With Success?

Successful, Yet Not Happy!

Why do I feel a lack of accomplishment?

Do you sense a hunger inside you that just doesn't let's you settle? Yes! What's that? Try talking to that light when it sparks next time. I know, we have a unfailing habit of ignoring it each time it blinks in our soul. Besides our so-called "successful career" creates an illusion of 'selfie-centric happy life'.

Before anyone else in your circle, you have to believe in your dream. You only need to answer yourself for living your dreams and NO ONE ELSE. The next step is to work for it. Set goals. These are our friend, our sweethearts who will accompany us to our dream world. They can be as small as an each day goal or for each hour also, if you need to. You can't have such liberty with your other half!

I guess that's where our "motivation", our thrive for life, lies. Recall, when latest were you motivated, inspired and bursting out of a flaming excitement. That is the time you are at your best. That's when you are happy. Isn't it one of the quick ways to get your happy moments back? Let's not push our hunger away. Instead, bring it close to you and you will live a happy-centered life.

Remember, always, do not let anyone run your life. Any possible thing in the sun, can wait, your happiness can't. Putting happiness off for another time is a sin.

Unleash your current belief system buddy. Are those chain of thoughts really your or someone else's? Your playing it too expensive of your letting your thoughts to hinder your ability to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Question your belief system – if your thoughts are your own or they are someone else’s? Are those thoughts pulling you towards your goals or are they hindering your progress? Take the charge of how you think, feel, and your end result. Be deliberate. Take your thoughts to align with how would you want to feel through out your life. Make these realizations and then tailor your perception to get what you want from life – a happy you.

This is OUR life! This is not our parent’s life, or our spouse’s life, or our boss’s life, or our kid’s life. We are the only one who knows what drives our spark and what brings us real joy. Nobody else can tell you how you feel and what to do with your life.

So choose the happy path. Self-care is not selfish, it is prerequisite to live a life worth it. Once you start experiencing it magic, spread the good word to everyone you meet. If this practice becomes common then we are not far to create a world that we always see in our dreams where people exchange honest smiles.

What you decide today and tomorrow are creating your future and your end product. Now feel, what are you seeing – Exhaustion or Energy? 

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