Excited Or Exhausted?

How Do You Want to Feel at the End of Your Life?

How Do You Want To Feel In Your Life?

Excited or exhausted? Everyone wants happiness. However, the majority of the people include this vicious word… BUT.

The word “but” is synonymous of excuse. BUT indicates that they are choosing to delay their happiness off to the future.

This excuse is their story about the bad things that have happened to them, what they have lost, and all of the expectations that are boggling them down.

Don’t we all too have one of such stories? I think with these stories we also have a choice. We will fail to meet someone without a story. Do you know anyone who has made it a super awesome life without a scratch? No. And after all, a story wouldn’t be engaging enough without twists, right?

But we may surely happen to meet some of the happiest people who have had the most terrible story. However, they chose to feel excited and exhilarated. They decided to live and not drag life.

Their end goal is happiness, no matter what the moment might entail.

Decide TODAY what your desire is – what do you want for your life? What do you want for tomorrow? Design a roadmap to get the results that you crave.

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