Ditch the Resolution 2021

The most unused thing in 2020 was the year planner. So this new year let's ditch the resolution (any which ways we have been doing it all the new years😜). Make a reflection 2021 instead this time. 

Here's my list :-

1. I will invest in myself & the universe will openly invest in me. I will simply romance with my inner animal. 

2. I will 'vaccinate' with the doze of mental peace & love. I recommend at least one dose daily. 

3. I will remove & throw away the 'mask' of another me seeking social approvals & embrace my muddy hands and dark wild eyes. Actually, you can not fit into the 'norms' once you realize what your are made up of! 

4. I will 'lockdown' the day! Resume living in the present. I'll take life as it unfurls. 

5. I will get rid off the baggage in journeying life. I'll travel life as per airline norms. 

6. I will 'unlock' the gratitude for the angels guiding & guarding my journey all the way.

7. Laugh, dance, sing even without a reason. It removes some of my sour looks.

8. Put on the celebration mode quite frequently.

9. I will 'socially distance' from anything & everything that affects my ubercool energy levels.

10. I will 'sanitize' my emotions as & when it needs.

11. I will 'quarantine' overthinking.

12. I will not take things personally.

13. I  want to find my twin flame.

14. I will keep faith in my aspirations, no matter what.

15. I will not let lives small mishaps quench my wilderness to ride the unicorns. (Tamed lacks the appeal)

16. I want to see the universe more clearly not with limited human eyes instead feel it with my naked soul. 

17. I will go blossoming around midnights for I am stay-up-late wired! I talk to my moon.

18. I will uncage my voice for the ones dying to hear it.

19. I am no longer available for anything or anyone who makes me feel shitty.

20. I am tangled mess of wild. And I like it that way. I refuse to get unraveled.

21. Bring it on life!! I am strong & rooted.

  I have chosen to be the most searched storyteller of the magical planet. 

Once again, It is a daily thing & not a new year resolution!

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